Rum Raisin {A Dress That Feels Good to Wear}

Hey lovelies! Today’s post is about an adorable dress from a clothing line that has gotten it right. Not only are they fashion-forward with lots stylish clothing, but they are also environmentally responsible. Something not a lot of companies can claim. I had the pleasure of working with Synergy Organic Clothing and am excited to own a dress that makes me feel confident and guilt-free when I wear it! This dress is also incredibly soft and adorable at the same time. So much heart is behind this dress and I just LOVE that about it!

After observing so many different textiles from various companies over the years who are not concerned with the environmental impact, it was refreshing to find a company that got it right. Here are some highlights that make this company worth supporting:

1. Made from organic cotton.

Seriously, this makes the fabric really soft and feels good to wear! One of the many reasons why I’m smiling so big!

2. Dyed with low-impact dyes.

These dyes are free from all the harsh toxins normally used in the dying process.

3. Handmade in Nepal.

They have a close relationship with the employees in Nepal that provides job stability to over 150 women so they can financially support their families. It feels good to know that supporting Synergy means supporting women and their families.

4. Family owned and operated.

They treat their customers and employees right. Even the ones in Nepal!

5. Designed with the woman’s body and style mind.

Their clothing is cute and fashion forward. I love this dress and am excited that it’s actually something I can wear to work! Definitely something else to smile about!


Get the dress I’m wearing here and check out their yoga attire too while you’re there. This top is so cute and I can’t wait to get it next!

Keep smiling!



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  1. November 23, 2015 / 9:52 pm

    You look drop dead gorgeous, Molly! That dress is simply amazing and you mentioned it was comfortable and soft? Music to my ears ❤️❤️❤️

    • November 23, 2015 / 10:52 pm

      Music to mine too, Aiko! Thank you for the love!

      Keep smiling!

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