Molly’s Words

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write, encourage, and inspire. My words would come through the form of thank you cards, encouragement letters, or simply just because I wanted to tell someone how amazing they were.

People would tell me, “Molly, you have a gift.”

I never realized these were the days of #MollysWords in the making.

What is #MollysWords?

#MollysWords is more than an Instagram hashtag. It’s more than the ramblings of my heart.

#MollysWords is my mission to inspire others one word at a time.

Words that you can grab onto and words that will propel you towards your best and authentic self.

I want to serve as a constant reminder to challenge yourself to live inspired and embrace all that you are meant to be.


To uplift you when you’re down.

To remind you that you’re not alone.

To inspire you to be fearlessly driven.

To encourage you to take the time for self-care.

To empower you to make a difference.


If you’re like me, these are words that you will hold on to. These are the words you will reread in the moments you feel down and need an extra boost.

I am here for you and have your back! Consider me your biggest fan ready to cheer you on and give you some #MollysWords and inspiration whenever and however you need it.

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What is #MollysWords?