How I Packed for a Vacation With Only Two Handbags

Today is Tip Tuesday and I wanted to share how I did the impossible – going on a nine-day vacation with only two purses. I hate packing for vacations. I always want to pack way too much! For my trip last week I took a road trip from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA. I was determined to plan better and not pack as much.

My tip for packing – Plan your outfits around your handbags.

I know what you are thinking. This sounds so silly! Why don’t you just plan your outfits how you’d like and then choose the handbags to match. This has been my past philosophy and normally I end up with a different handbag for each outfit! That is just too many to bring along so I tried a different approach this time.

For the bags, I took my two must have bags:

1. Crossbody Bag – I love traveling with crossbody bags because I want my hands free to be a tourist, shop, take pictures, carry things, etc.. I chose my Kate Spade colored bag in mint blue, my favorite current color. The outfits that paired well with this were blacks and colors in the blue tones. I definitely didn’t mind wearing a lot of blue this trip because I have a lot of it and it is my favorite color!

2. Evening Clutch – This was absolutely necessary for the nights I was going to a nice dinner and wanted to dress up. I kept it black because black is a very versatile color! I took my beaded clutch that has a strap you can tuck it, but I ended up never wearing it that way.

I encourage you to try it and it may end up working out for you too! Now for the outfits. (I apologize in advance for the touristy nature and quality of the photos.)


Awesome street art – Portland, OR


Trees of Mystery – Klamath, CA


Dolby Theatre – Hollywood, CA


Huntington Beach Pier – Huntington Beach, CA


Griffith Observatory – Los Angeles, CA


Castello di Amorosa – Calistoga, CA


Farmstead Restaurant @ Long Meadow Ranch – St Helena, CA


Solbar Restuarant @ Solage Resort- Calistoga, CA

Do you have any of your own vacation travel packing tips? Share below if you do!

Keep smiling!

Molly Lawson

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  1. July 15, 2015 / 7:50 am

    Okay, yes it did sound silly at first, but it’s absolutely genius! That way you don’t overpack on accessories that take up too much room. In fact, now that I think about it, I do the same with shoes, or else I end up with too many pairs!
    Great post friend!

    • July 15, 2015 / 2:11 pm


      You know exactly what I mean then! I need to try this with shoes. I brought an entire back just for shoes! Ugh! Thanks for the tip 🙂


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