DIY Flower Crowns

I am so excited to be sharing with you a fun collaboration with Julianna from Blush & Camo. We got our Do It Yourself creativity on last weekend and made some beautiful flower crowns. Flower crowns are undeniably gorgeous to glance at and eye-popping in photos. They can be worn at weddings, music concerts or festivals, beach vacations or simply any day you want to add some fun floral pop to a summer outfit. With a little finesse, you can easily make your own and be ready to stand out from the crowd! Read on for the steps and some tips and tricks I learned along the way that led to these gorgeous finished crowns.

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Step One: Create a plan of attack. Before you start you need to make some decisions. What colors do you want for your crown? Full crown or half crown? Real flowers or silk flowers? Do you want to add ribbon? After answering the basics you’re ready to take a trip to the store and get the materials. We chose to use real flowers because often they can be a lot cheaper than silk flowers and they are so pretty in real life! We also used a combination of large and small buds to add variety to the crown.

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Step Two: Gather up the materials.

  • Flowers (real or silk)
  • Floral tape
  • Thin floral wire
  • Thick floral wire for headband
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters

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Step Three: Begin assembling your crown. To create the crown, measure your head with the strong floral wire and wrap around twice. Create a trio of buds and tape them together with the floral tape. These buds will be great for filler. When you’re ready for placement, use the thin wire to adhere them to your crown. Continue this process with small groups of buds until you begin to form your desired look.

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Step Four: Attach the blooms to the crown. When you’re ready for the big blooms a friend will definitely come in handy! Cut two large flowers with several inches left and cross them so that they intersect perpendicularly at the wire. This is where we had to use teamwork, although the second time I did it by myself and it was a total success. One of us held the two flowers together while the other used the wire and tape to attach them to the crown. We kept wrapping until they felt secure enough to cut off the excess stems.

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Step Five: Enjoy your crown! I’m glad we ended up using fresh flowers. Our flower crowns turned out so full and lively! The only downside to using fresh flowers is they are not a permanent solution, although I was able to make my crown last a few days by placing it in the fridge.

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Comment below if you’ve tried this and have some of your own tips to share!

Keep smiling!

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Us blogger babes are always on our phones finding inspiration on Instagram and connecting with our awesome followers! For more fashion inspiration head on over to Julianna’s blog Blush & Camo and follow her Instagram @julianna_claire. This gorgeous gal always has adorable outfits to share!

Photography and flower crown assistance from the lovely Savannah Bidwell!
Check out her Instagram: @savvyash

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    • August 22, 2015 / 2:56 pm

      Thank you, Elizabeth!
      We had fun with this DIY project making them together!
      Do you ever get your DIY on?!

      🙂 Molly

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